We Are One Translations

We want to encourage as many communities across Canada as possible to join We Are One.  So, this year, we will provide the song’s lyrics in several languages, including Gaelic, Inuktitut, Ojibwe, Cree, American Sign Language, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Tagalog, Portugese, Farsi, Arabic and Punjabi.


Audio demos available:


Nous Sommes Unis” (performed by David Gasse)  French


Siamo Uniti” (performed by Andrea Di Bartolomeo)  Italian


Somos Mas” (performed by Amanda Martinez) Spanish


Uvagut” (performed by Susan Aglukark)  Inuktitut

Translations available now (Lyrics only)


English- “We Are One”  (PDF)


French- “Nous Sommes Unis”   (PDF)


Spanish- “Somos Mas”  (PDF)


Portuguese- “Nós somos um” (PDF)


Arabic- “كلنا واحد” (PDF)


Inuktitut- “ᐅᕙᒍᑦ” (PDF)


Farsi- “ما همه یکی هستیم” (PDF)


Ojibwe- “Giinawind” (PDF)


Mandarin- “我们一条心” (PDF)


Punjabi- “Usseen Sawray Ik Haahn” (PDF)


Tagalog- “Tayo’y isa” (PDF)


Italian- “Siamo Uniti”  (PDF)


Gaelic- “Tha Sinn Mar Aon”  (PDF)